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Cue Sheet Choreo Artist Level Genre Keywords
And She Was
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Jackaline Rutter Talking Heads Intermediate Pop And She Was, Intermediate, Clogging, Talking Heads, Jackaline Rutter, Jackie Rutter
Angel To Be
Scotty Bilz Sam Bush Intermediate
Angeline the Baker
David Roe James Alan Shelton Intermediate
Animal Song
Jeff Driggs Savage Garden
J.-P. Simkus Thomas Rhett Intermediate Country
Scotty Bilz Britney Spears Intermediate
Any Way the Wind Blows
Adele Brewer Brother Phelps Advanced
Anyway The Wind Blow
Clara Riley Brother Phelps
Anyway the Wind Blows
Judy Roth Brother Phelps Intermediate
Appalachain Stomp
Dale Burl Alison Krauss
Appalachia Got to Have You Feelin’ In My Bones
Chip Summey Dean Dillon
Appalachian Stomp
Lois Southall Allison Kraus
Are You Jimmy Ray?
Scott Dobson Jimmy Ray Intermediate
Around Here
Charlie Burns George Jones Intermediate
At The Hop
Joanie Williams Danny and the Juniors Easy Intermediate
Atlanta Reel
Jeff Driggs Atlanta Reel '96 by Michael Omartian
Attitude Adjustment
Charlie Burns Hank Williams Jr. Intermediate Plus
Automatic Lover
Matt Pearson Real McCoy Advanced
B Minor
Steve Smith Leahy
Baby Likes to Rock It
Rhonda Rettig The Tractors
Baby On Board
Lydia Dillender The Oak Ridge Boys Beginner
Baby Please Don't Go
Charlie Burns Vince Gill Beginner Plus
Baby Please Don't Go
Elaine Steele Vince Gill Beginner Plus
Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On
Charlie Burns Mel McDaniel Intermediate
Back Down in Louisiana
Steve Smith Steffen Sisters
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