Clogging Cuesheets

The clogging cuesheet database is in the works! We are working hard to bring you back your great resource. As we develope the database again, you can view our work in progress.

Click here for a full list of cuesheets in the database sorted by title.

We are working to make expand the information on each routine and to make the database searchable and sortable. Please send your suggestions on what you would like to see in the new cuesheet database to

You can still submit your original choreography for inclusion in the database.

  • Email all cuesheets to: CUESHEETS@CLOGDANCING.COM
  • Cuesheets must be your original choreography.
  • Cuesheets should be in .doc format (Microsoft Word preferred) or Adobe PDF format.
  • Cuesheets should contain choreographer contact information. cannot answer questions related to your cuesheets.
  • Cuesheets can NOT be scanned images.
  • will add "" into the header of any cuesheet submitted.
  • Please save your file or rename your file to fit this file name standard:
    • (file name, dash, choreographer initials, dot, replace xxx with file extension abbreviation)
    • Use all lowercase letters and no spaces!

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